About Us

Professor Dongsheng Liu's group located in the Department of Chemistry, Tsinghua University

We are interesting in using biomolecules and their specific interaction in nanostructure fabrication and nanodevice design, which include:

1. DNA Nanotechnology: Nanostructures based on DNA self-assembly; Concept and running mechanism studies of DNA nanomachines; Nanochannel, Nanocontainer and smart surface based on DNA nanomachines;
2. Frame Guided Assembly: Methodology and its application in preparing shape and size controllable vesicles at nanometer scale;
3. Supramolecular Hydrogels based on DNA Self-assembly: fabrication, characterization and their application in 3D Bioprinting and tissue engineering.

The research in our lab has extensive related disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Material Sciences and Nanotechnology. Our interests are using biomaterials to fabricate nanostructures and nanodevices with utilities. We have established a pH triggered DNA motor based on a tetraplex DNA structure, studied its mechanism and driven methods and used it to realize meaningful applications. We have also coupled DNA with proteins, linear polymers, dendrimers and nanoparticles to construct functional self-assembly structures.