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Recent News

January 23rd, 2018, Professor Liu had a lecture on "Frontier and Future of Chemistry: From atoms to beyond molecules" at Tianjin Yaohua High School !

August 26th-28th, 2017, the 6th International Conference on DNA Nanotechnology has been successfully held by Tsinghua University! On the conference, 43 participants gave excelent talks and 24 participants presented posters! Congratulations!

September, 2016, Professor Dongsheng Liu has been elected as one of the Top Ten Mentors in Tsinghua University! Congratulations!

Janurary, 2016, Professor Dongsheng Liu has been elected as Chang Jiang Scholars Distinguished Professor! Congratulations!

December, 2015, Chuang Li has got the National Scholarship! Congratulations!

Chuang Li's Poster entiled "Smart Supramolecular Polypeptide-DNA Hydrogels" won the Poster Award for his outstanding presentation in the 4th International Supramolecular System Symposium (ISSS 2015) held In Changchun, China from 6th-9th Sep. 2015. Congraduations to Chuang Li.

July 11st, 2015. Yuanchen Dong and Chun Chen have got their Ph.D degree! Yuanchen Dong is going to Havard university for postdoc position, and Chun Chen has got an offer from an public institution. Congratulations to them!