Professor Dongsheng Liu Ph.D. FRSC

The research in our lab has extensive related disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Material Sciences and Nanotechnology. Our interests are using biomaterials to fabricate nanostructures and nanodevices with utilities. We have established a pH triggered DNA motor based on a tetraplex DNA structure, studied its mechanism and driven methods and used it to realize meaningful applications. We have also coupled DNA with proteins, linear polymers, dendrimers and nanoparticles to construct functional self-assembly structures.


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Recent News

Janurary, 2016, Professor Dongsheng Liu has been elected as Chang Jiang Scholars Distinguished Professor! Congratulations!
December, 2015, Chuang Li has got the National Scholarship! Congratulations!

Chuang Li's Poster entiled "Smart Supramolecular Polypeptide-DNA Hydrogels" won the Poster Award for his outstanding presentation in the 4th International Supramolecular System Symposium (ISSS 2015) held In Changchun, China from 6th-9th Sep. 2015. Congraduations to Chuang Li.

July 11st, 2015. Yuanchen Dong and Chun Chen have got their Ph.D degree! Yuanchen Dong is going to Havard university for postdoc position, and Chun Chen has got an offer from an public institution. Congratulations to them!

June 18th, 2015. Our 973 program has come into an accomplishment successfully!
February 26th, 2015. Our paper "Rapid Formation of a Supramolecular Polypeptide–DNA Hydrogel for In Situ Three-Dimensional Multilayer Bioprinting" is reported as research highlight by Nature!link This paper is published on Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. with press release!link This is a cooperation work with Will Shu's group. Congratulations to Chuang Li and coauthors!

December, 2014. Yuanchen Dong has got the National Scholarship! Congratulations!